Body Tracking on Meta Quest in VRChat

This is an instruction on setting up Full Body Tracking in VRChat for standalone Meta Quest with your iPhone or Android.

  1. iPhone – get it from App Store
  2. Android – get it from Google Play

Your Quest and smartphone need to be in the same local network. First, we need to configure the connection between Driver4VR on your smartphone and Meta Quest. Go to App Store or Google Play and install Driver4VR. The instruction steps are as follows:

  1. Check the IP address on your Quest. Go to Quick Settings, WIFi, Your Network, Advanced.
  2. Go back to Driver4VR on your smartphone, and enter the IP of the Quest in the settings.
  3. Place it to make sure you are visible. I recommend the level of your waist or knees. It doesn’t have to be perfectly vertical. Make sure you are visible. You can also put it upside down and plug your charging.
  4. When you are ready, press Connect.

The next step is to make sure that data about Body Trackers from your smartphone is going to VRChat. So switch back to your Quest and VRChat:

  1. Open Action Menu, Options, and OSC, and make sure it is set to Enabled.
  2. To double-check the connection open OSC Debug. You should see that the data come from Smartphone and Driver4VR to your Quest and VRChat.
  3. In the Quick Menu, and then in the settings, find the “Tracking and IK” section, and there should be more options related to Trackers. Make sure that “Toggle FBT” is ON, and Trackers is set to System. At this moment, you should see the trackers floating somewhere in VRChat, but not necessarily aligned with your body.

Finally, we can calibrate Avatar:

  1. Open VRChat settings and press Calibrate FBT.
  2. Body Trackers might be not aligned with your pose.
    Stay directly in front of the Smartphone and point your head into it’s direction.
    Long press Oculus button on right controller to recenter view into Smartphone’s direction.
    Your orientation might change so use snap-turn with Joystick if required to look at the mirror for example.
  3. If the avatar’s feet are above or below the floor, then adjust the avatar’s height.
  4. Finally, just stay in T pose and press both triggers.That should be all 🙂

Next time, just start Driver4VR and press Connect, and you should see trackers immediately in VRChat. Recenter view into Smartphone’s direction and do and Avatar T-pose calibration, as usual. That is all.

In Application Settings you can enable auto Connect on application Launch.

If you don’t see trackers, make sure that the Quest IP address did not change. In most cases, it should not as far as you stay in same local network. Check also if OSC is Enabled and data is coming in the OSC Debug window.