Driver4VR supports variety ways to emulate controllers and provide positional tracking. You can distinguish three cases as shown in table below.

Virtual TrackersUsually, there is no head tracking. The position of the controllers is really emulated from actual devices that emulate Controllers. This is the same approach as one used in GearVR or Oculus GO
Head and Controllers positional trackingThis is where we add full positional tracking for your head and controllers. You can use Kinect, PSMove with PSMoveService, NOLO VR. You can use also Leap Motion only for hand tracking.
Head positional trackingThis is where you want only head tracking for example for car or flight simulators. Those methods from Head and Controllers tracking apply but you can use also OpenTrack.

In sections below you can find tutorials how to connect and configure specific devices. For Controller emulation you can always use them alone as Virtual Trackers or together with Kinect for full positional tracking.


Just Kinect?

You can use just Kinect without actual controller (PS Move, Joy-Con, etc) and Kinect will emulate rotation of the Controller based on your head position or rotation. You can use then gestures, mouse, keyboard, VR Gamepad to emulate input (e.g. trigger).
Please pay attention to tracking settings that can improve experience for some games.

How to setup devices to emulate VR Controllers

You can juse these devices alone as Virtual Trackers or with Kinect for full positional tracking. Those two topics are usually covered in each video. Even if you are planning to use devices I recommend view previous section for tracking settings for Kinect.